Andreas Munzer's Death
[From: weights, Number 1215, Tuesday, April 2nd 1996 Brad Kern]

Just today I got THE REAL STORY. It turns out he was using a drug (not sure which) that increases the thickness of the blood to promote a super compensation of glycogen in the muscles (to fill out during competition); somewhat like blood doping. His flight back to Germany caused dehydration (which long flights do). After landing he began drinking fluids and (I'm not a doctor, so I don't know how these factors led to his death) with his dehydrated state and very thick blood his liver basically disinegrated. I guess in his state if it wasn't the liver than something else would have gone -- he was basically a dead man walking at that point.

First his liver, then his kidney and to be continued his heart failed. After all this, his stomach was filled wis blood and he died. He refused a blood transfusion. Why? Don't know ... but I think, it was almost to late to bring him back.

Probably Erythropoeitin (sp) also known as EPO also known as Epogen. A genetically engineered version of the protein hormone formed by the kidneys that stimulates formation of red blood cells.

I was talking to someone who knew Andreas and they also said he was taking EPO before his death. As well as blood pressure medication and the numerous other drugs pros have to use today to stay in contention.

Subject: The death anabolic plan of Andreas Münzer
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 1996 13:09:13 GMT

10-9 Weeks before the Competition daily: Ephederine, AN 1, Captagon, Aspirine, Valium, Clenbuterol

8-6 weeks before the Competition daily: 2 injects Testoviron a 250 mg
1 inject Parabolan
30 tabletts Halotestin
30 tabletts Metandienon
20 IE* STH
20 IE* Insuline

5-3 weeks before the Competition daily: 3 injects Masteron
2 injects Parabolan
30 tabletts Halotestin
50 tabletts Stromba
2 injects Stromba
24 IE* STH

2-1 weeks before the Competition daily: 2 injects Masteron
2 injects Stromba
40 tabletts Halotestin
80 tabletts Stromba
24 IE* STH

A few days before the Competition: Aldactone, Lasix

Subject: Re: The death anabolic plan of Andreas Münzer
Date: 27 Apr 1996 23:12:00 +0200

I also read the article about Andreas Munzer in Der Spiegel. Included was his precontest drug use.

I want to correct a few things in your posting. The drugs that you have listed under 10-9 weeks, is what he used daily all through the cycle. So the drugs listed under 8-6 weeks should read 10-6 weeks (before the comp).

Under 5-3 weeks you have left out insulin. All through the cycle he also used thyroid hormone.

The methandienon listed is Dianabol from Thailand. STH is GH. The article states that the cost of his drugs and supplements-creatine, aminoacids,vitamins, etc. must have been 10 000 DEM/month, which is about 6150 USD.

The amount he used seems like an awful lot to say the least.Do any of you think that the body can make use of such an amount of drugs?

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